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Welcome to Danish Michonne server rules.

This is only PvE.
No Theft.
No breaking into claimed Bases og Homes.
No shooting other players.
No stealing from claimed ground.
Using the games bugs and exploid is forbidden, you will be banned.
No Bases/Homes in Cities or Towns, they will be erased.
Do not destroy prefab buildings, doors are ok.
Only Danish or English in Chat.

No POI/STORE claiming!: Absolutely no claiming of the following: Working Stiffs, Shotgun Messiah, Crack a book, Pop-N-Pills, Pass-N-Gas, Police Station, Apartment Buildings, Water Pump Station, Military base, Hospitals, Hotels, Prisons and so on.

No bases or homes in prefab houses unless the house is a single house in the wilderness.

Claim rules:

Remember to claim your base, if NOT claimed, you don't own it.
If claim is expired or no claim, the house/base is free to use.
If claim is expired or no claim, the chest and storage boxes are free.
If building plot is claimed, it is taken.
Expired claim will be removed by admins and the house/base will be free.
Claim size is 51, Deadzone 30, Expiretime 14 Days.

If Admin finds claimed POI/STORES they will be removed immediately.